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Internet marketing seminars are quickly becoming the “in thing”. They are more than just techie meets for the computer or business savvy person. Times are tough, our economy has never been this bad and finding a good paying job is difficult. The question I was asked not long ago, and that I now ask others is: “Why not work for you?” Anyone with a computer and some knowledge can make a decent living this day and age. You just need to apply yourself, work hard, and find the right niche. Try a Google search on website marketing seminars you will notice a pile of websites that offer both live and online marketing seminars, depending on your location you will see a number of options. When I tried this little experiment I came across an Armand Morin seminar. I did a little reading, and studied up on a few local affiliate marketing seminars in my area and decided to give one a try. I wanted to go to a live seminar as opposed to a tele-link or webinar, so that I could hear the success stories first hand and meet the successful people.

The first internet seminar that I attended was very interesting. I met a fellow that had lost his job at a company that he had worked at for 27 years. He was devastated and 6 months later was unable to find a job and was close to losing his home. Then he attended an internet marketing seminar. His life was devoted to the factory, one that made tobacco pipes. When he lost his job, all he knew was the factory. Little did he know that attending that first online marketing seminar would change his life?

This gentleman now runs a very successful pipe business directly from his home. When I discussed this with him he advised that he learned everything he needed to know by attending about a half dozen internet marketing seminars. He said that between what they were teaching and the networking he was able to do with the other people attending; he was able to start his own business. He began by setting up his own website and utilizing specific online marketing strategies. He was able to attract huge traffic to his website in no time at all. Having the knowledge within the industry allowed for him to provide information as well advice to his customers. He made more last year than he did in 25 years working in the factory, all because of that one internet marketing seminar that he attended.

After hearing this story, I decided that I too was going to become a successful internet marketer. The started off with the tele-link internet marketing seminars and then attended a few live meetings. There were advantages and disadvantage for both. Obviously being in the comfort of your own home is a big advantage for the teleconference or webinar style online marketing seminars. However, getting out and surrounding yourself with successful people that can provide you with tips and secrets are priceless. The live events are also an excellent way to push your service, and meet others that are in the same boat. And if nothing else live affiliate marketing seminars are a great excuse to get out of the house, or go on a mini vacation etc. Personally, I love them.

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