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This is the day and age of networking, whether we are talking about computer networks, or business relationships both relate to website marketing seminars. With the ever changing ways we market our products and services one of the best ways to stay on top of the industry is to attend both online marketing seminars as well live internet marketing seminars.
When you choose to schedule in business seminars you are not only helping your business and those that work with you, but you are also getting your name, product and service out there as well. Think about an interesting seminar that you have attended recently or in the past. Can you remember those that made an impact on you? If you are like me, most definitely you can. I attended an Armand Morin seminar recently, it was fantastic. To hear his success story about going from a vacuum salesman to an internet marketing sensation making millions of dollars a year is simply mind boggling. You know what; anyone can do exactly what he did.
When we look at web based internet marketing there are some essential tips that you need to be aware of, number one on my list is to ask questions. Don’t be that annoying guy or girl that asks a question after every point of view made but don’t be the guy sitting on his hands either. The dozen or so internet marketing seminars that I attended since 2008 likely increased my income by ten fold. How is this possible? Quite simply, it is my opinion that I gained essential knowledge by listening to the question and answer period that is typical at the end of the seminar. This coupled with the valuable people I met networking with pre and post seminar also helped. Perhaps you have a question about a new affiliate marketing seminar that is up and coming. Maybe you want to clarify something that was discussed in during the seminar. You won’t know the answers unless you ask the questions.
The second rule of thumb is bring a notebook, and jot down important factors. It is next to impossible for someone to be up on all of the new fads and strategies in the internet marketing world. Most affiliate marketing seminars that I have attended offer new information some of which is old news. That may sound confusing, but I attended a website marketing seminar in November last year which discussed the benefits of postcard marketing. We all remember this strategy, or perhaps you’re too young. Anyway, this group of people went back to the basic of business marketing. The thought process is that people want something in their hand, the provided this via post card with a detachable bookmark. The majority of us are assaulted daily with electronic mail, offers, deals etc. We get it on our home computer, our office email, our PDA’s, on the websites we surf, it’s everywhere. This particular website marketing seminar went back to old school marketing. Sure they were using current methods, but they feel old school netted them about $75K more last year alone.
If you are in business, and are not attending internet marketing seminars of some sort you could be losing tens of thousands of dollars a year in profit.

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