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Just the other day I was discussing an internet marketing seminar I had attended with an old college mate. He was of the opinion that seminars of this nature were a waste of time, that most of the people that run them were scammers or blow holes. We had attended a notable University both as business majors. I asked him how things were going and he advised that he was working in an inside sales capacity. Not wanting to press him, I threw out the idea that maybe he would be better suited working for himself rather than for someone else, after all not many people get rich working for someone else. He advised that he was comfortable and happy with what he had; I could clearly see this was not entirely true.

As we continued our conversation over coffee we touched on the subject of internet marketing. I filled him in on what I was doing, being a career student, and making money online. He laughed, but I had clearly caught his attention. I asked him if he had ever attended an internet marketing seminar. He stated a few over the years, two of which were mandatory course requirement, which he spent on his phone playing casino games. I told him about a great affiliate marketing seminar I had been too the week before. That taught me to build my own website and sell the business knowledge that I had to people over the internet. He then was quite interested, wanted to know how it worked, how much money I made etc. I had just built the website a few months ago, and things were progressing. I started out making a couple of dollars a week, and then last week was my best week yet – I made $550. Things are shaping up really fast.


At this point he wanted to know more, I admitted to him that what I knew about internet marketing I learned by attending a handful of internet marketing seminars and that I was still a bit green. My average day is spent in classrooms and lecture halls 6-8 hours a day studying for my engineering degree. As you can imagine I don’t have a lot of time to work and make money. I am making money now when I sleep and when I go to school. When I explained the process to my old friend he was quite surprised. We set up a time to meet the following day so that he could view an online marketing seminar that was web based and processed via the old ‘teleconference’. It was a somewhat bland seminar, most of the stuff I already new, but for my friend he was sold. As he was leaving I asked him if he wanted to go to North Carolina this June, I advised him that I had tickets to the Armand Morin seminar in Raleigh. He was excited at this point wanting to know all about Mr. Morin. I advised that we would meet again to discuss the three day internet marketing seminar. He went back to his sales job; I went back to the studying and making money via my internet marketing website. Interestingly enough I received a call from a bloke I had met at a previous website marketing seminar and he requested that I be a guest speaker at their next engagement. All about starting from scratch, and building a real business in a step by step fashion. I graciously accepted, and feel that maybe the engineering degree may be going on the back burner very soon.

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