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    David Cummings


Armand Morin’s LIVE WebCamp Event!

Due to popular demand, Armand Morin’s LIVE WebCamp Event will be back! This time with the highly anticipated and sought after topic on Membership Sites! Join us on October 4-6, 2013 in Las Vegas.  See you there!

For more information on this exciting event,  CLICK HERE!

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Armand Morin

This renowned Internet Marketing Authority has several upcoming speaking schedules lined up for you. Click on this link, check out his speaking schedules, and mark you calendars now!

World Internet Summit

The WIS 2013 Chinese, live from Sydney, Australia, can now be accessed ONLINE! So, hurry up and register now!

Anthony Robbins and Bob Proctor

These life coaches have set out their live events just for you! Check them out now and be a part of their upcoming life-changing seminars.

The World Internet Summit 2013



Feb 28- March 3, 2013 
Event Time: 8:30 am – 7:30 pm


Outrigger Hotel, Surfers Paradise

22 View Avenue,
Surfers Paradise,
QLD, 4217, Australia

+61 7 5579 1000

The Jim Boat is back!

The Jim Boat is back!

Internet guru Jim Edwards is back for yet another fun-filled, educational cruise via the Jim Boat. All set to sail on Feb 3rd, 2013, prepare yourself for this amazing trip towards online marketing success.

So hurry up and book those seats now!

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Internet Marketing Professionals: How to Earn Respect from the Online Community


Engineers, doctors, nurses, accountants, and lawyers.

They are what we call as professionals. They are individuals with recognized knowledge and expertise on a certain field of endeavor. They are entitled by law and existing policies to practice their respective professions. They are worthy of the standards of their profession, giving them legal licenses to practice their respective professions. Thus, they are the “authorities” in their respective field of endeavors.

Along with their tag as professionals, these individuals are bounded by proper etiquette with regards to their actions and behaviors. As professionals, they are expected to deliver required services to the public and at the same time deal with other individuals and professionals in an appropriate manner. They are looked upon as leaders; thus they are expected to act as real professionals when dealing with their work and other people.

Professionals are everywhere—in various construction sites, real estate markets, hospitals, county courts, and other places. Even the Internet marketing industry is surrounded by various professionals—Internet business consultants, web content writers, software developers, web designers, and others.

Thus, the Internet marketing is a pool of web-based professionals who are working not just for their personal interest but for the development of the industry as well. But what does it take to be considered as one of the Internet marketing professionals?

As previously mentioned, the definition of a professional revolves around the concept of “an individual who has recognized knowledge and expertise on a certain field of endeavor”. As a professional, you are considered to be worthy of the standards of your profession. You need to show to the world that you are really worth to be considered as a professional through creating a professional image.

However, building a professional image is not as easy as you think. In fact, it entails a great deal of time and effort. Your knowledge and expertise is not just the working factor here. You must also consider the conduct of your business in a professional manner, especially on the Internet where you are dealing with clients whom you do not know and you do not see.

Now, how will you start building your professional image? Consider the following aspects in creating your image on the Internet marketing industry.

•     Your attitude is among the most essential aspects in creating your professional image on the Internet. It can either make you or kill your career in an instant. The manner you deal with your fellow Internet marketers, clients, and the concerns they want you to answer such as questions, comments, and compliments will reflect on your professionalism as a reputable Internet marketer.

•     Courtesy is also an important factor. As previously mentioned, you are dealing with people whom you are not seeing and you do not know. Despite of that gap, make your “unseen” clients feel that they are very much appreciated. You must be respectful and warm in accommodating their queries and concern. Even in words, always express your gratitude to them.

•     Honesty is the best policy. Do not mislead your web-based clients or else you will lose them. Remember that you have to earn their trust for you to build long-term relationships with them.

•     When dealing with your clients, always go above and beyond their expectations. Always listen to the concerns of your clients. As a professional, you are expected to hear from your clients even if you know and understand most of the aspects of your Internet marketing business.

•     Unsatisfied clients always complain about poor technical support. You need to make yourself personally available to assist your clients with their needs. If possible, respond to their emails and return their call as fast as possible.

•     Although it is a loss if you will refund the money of unsatisfied clients, you need to. Do not argue with the issue or blast nasty things unto them. Always be apologetic, courteous, and know why they are unsatisfied. Remember the rule that “customers are always right”, even if you feel that they are wrong.

•     Your website is the reflection of yourself and your Internet marketing business. It must be professional-looking, complete with product and contact information, and easy ordering protocol.

•     Be respectful to your fellow Internet marketers. Keep in mind that you must build a friendly competition on the business and not on personal preferences.

Internet marketing professionals possess those aforementioned aspects. Thus, before getting respect from the Internet community, show to them that you are worthy of their respect and build a professional image on the Internet.

The World Internet Summit 2012 UK


The World Internet Summit 2012 UK will be held at the Hilton London Tower Bridge on November 1-4, 2012 from 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM.

For more details, check out





The Use Of Free and Low-Cost Marketing Alternatives For Your Internet Marketing Business Promotion

Starting an Internet marketing business is probably the best way of growing a residual income and at the same time achieving financial freedom. It really sounds easy and fun, yet there are several things that will cross your mind—things that will probably stop you in starting your own Internet marketing business.

Time and financial resources.

You need to accept the fact that in order to make money, you must have sufficient time allotment and financial resources. It is not advisable to start your online business if you feel that you do not have that financial capability of sustaining your own business in the long run.

Getting large web traffic to your online business site is your main priority in starting your Internet marketing business. You will be able to achieve it through advertising your site. However, when you found out that the cost is not within your reach, there is a slim chance that you will achieve success in getting traffic and converting them into long-term clients. Keep in mind that without a strong clientele base, it will mark the end of your Internet marketing career.

Is there any other way to escape expensive online business advertising?

Keep in mind that the word “free” still exists.

In other words, there are still low-cost alternatives and even free methods of advertising your Internet marketing business. You must be confident that such free or low-cost advertising alternatives will work, after all it is still a type of promotion that will help you get the targeted traffic that you need for your site. It does not necessarily follows that free or cheap advertising will not work effectively whereas expensive advertising mediums will always work. Invest confidence and a “clever thinking” on how you will be able to make it as effective as the expensive advertisement packages on the Internet.

As previously mentioned, there are many ways of advertising your online business without spending much of your fortune. The best idea that you must consider is writing original articles containing fresh and juicy information that will help your website visitors know about your business and the products and services that you are offering. Write your own original articles and sign with free or low-cost article distribution services that will distribute your articles to publishers around the Internet. If you want a wider distribution of your articles for increased awareness, you may pay for a small fee. Once your articles are distributed and published around the Internet with hyperlinks directing to your site, you will have your first set of new web visitors in no time. If you do not want to write the articles by yourself, you can hire different article writing services that will do the job in exchange of a small fee. Article writing and distribution is one of the best means of Internet marketing promotion.

Just like article writing, you may also use weblogs or simply blogs for your Internet marketing business promotion. This is completely free of charge and an ideal way of getting quality content on your website as well as getting repeated visitors who are interested in reading what you want to say. You can write your views about your business or include some photographs of the products you are offering. Do not forget to include your site’s link on your blogs so that your readers can visit your site if they want more information about what you have written on your blogs.

Posting to online forums is another free yet effective way of getting your hyperlinks noticed by majority of Internet users. There are thousands of online discussion forums out there that offers subjects related to the nature of your online business. You may also help other individuals by posting your comments or suggestions that you know with regards to a certain issue. The more assistance that you can offer, the more your name will stand out of the crowd as the authority on the subject, and the more likely forum readers will click on your website hyperlink to find out more about you and what you are into. It is one of the best ways of making sales without even selling actual products or services.

Why spend a lot if there are free and low-cost advertising alternatives for your Internet marketing promotion? With some careful planning and little spending, you will be able to earn a lot from your online business.

Build a Successful Online Career with Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is bounded by the reality that each aspiring online entrepreneur must know. Even thought you may have heard of numerous accomplishments regarding individuals who have succeeded in earning a lot of money through internet marketing, they are also surrounded by these facts that exist around the industry.

For starters, just like usual business ventures, you cannot produce an overnight fortune through internet marketing. Internet marketers that own flourishing online businesses have invested many years to perfect their marketing techniques. They began by studying the intricacies of the business opportunity, utilized existing strategies, created their own marketing schemes, and tested their new strategies to their own marketing business. Even though internet marketing proposes a profitable business opportunity for everybody, it may take a bit of time before you can make millions of dollars through internet marketing. You will probably start from a few hundred dollars and after several months or perhaps years, you may be able to earn thousands of dollars on internet marketing profits.

Next, your rivals will always be your rivals. There are some periods wherein they might utilize you for their benefit. Certainly, we do not wish to destroy significant ties, particularly friendships, but it is a fact of life and business that you must watch out for. You may work out tasks and strategies together with other internet marketers, but you have to make sure that you are not working together with “hungry predators” or those individuals who will make use of your generosity for their benefit of making more money.

Finally, acquiring potential clients is the probably the most difficult task of your internet marketing career. Remember that the triumph of your online marketing business will depend largely on the way you will entice prospective clients originating from the bulk of traffic within the net. Even if you possess a well-designed website with functional facilities like information catalogues and e-cart services, if you failed to draw a huge quantity of web traffic to your site, your internet marketing business will not be as lucrative as you envisioned.

Amongst all the facts mentioned above, the last one is what you must ponder on the most. As mentioned, the success of your internet marketing career hugely depends on how you build up your clientele base. Such database will act as your “bloodline” that will continue to keep your online marketing business afloat. Without these, the internet marketing industry will keep on being a dream for individuals and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to earn more money online.

Armand Morin LIVE in Brisbane, Australia


Check out Armand Morin LIVE in Brisbane, Australia! See and hear him speak on October 19-21, 2012.

For registrations and more information, visit or click on the image below.



How to Make your Online Advertising Business Generate Income on Internet Marketing

The triumph or collapse of your internet marketing business relies mostly on the internet users (also known as “netizens”). If they are fascinated with the merchandise and facilities that you are selling, you can certainly count on lucrative proceeds from your online business. Conversely, if they are too lazy to listen to what you have to say as well as what you are offering, then you might as well shut down your computer and find another way to earn money.

As an internet marketer, you do not wish for the latter to turn out for your internet marketing career. To be an “exception to the rule”, you have to entice a lot more visitors to your website and aim for them to become long-term customers and create a dependable clientele base. After completing such, expect for positive returns.

How can you tell netizens that you absolutely need them in order to maintain your online business? However, you don’t have to tell them directly that they are badly needed. All that is required is a clever idea and some online marketing strategy to acquire them, without making it obvious that you need them that bad.

There are several online advertising business on the net and every method has its own product that thrives better on certain industries. There are a large number of corporations and individuals that operate online and who wishes to promote the things that they have to give, and there are also a large number of individuals and companies on the net who are eager to supply advertising slots. Although, considering that the online advertising community is quite massive, it will be uneconomical for the advertisers, including the providers of these online advertising spaces to personally meet and talk with each one regarding the terms of conditions of advertising.

The individual or company who wishes to advertise their business will definitely get in touch with an online-based advertising company that will provide the spot that the advertiser requires including the distribution of their advertisements to various locations on the internet at the same time.

Before starting an online business, however, there are some things you need to consider first.

Start by gathering a group of websites or online companies that are keen on placing ads on their sites. Choose the ones that are obtaining high web traffic each month. After that, you may then begin soliciting for advertising clients. These clients will pay a certain sum that will correspond to the exposure of their products or services on your advertising site locations.

Now, what are these kinds of online advertising schemes that you can offer? Here are a few of them:

•Banner ads – these are pictorial ads that are mostly seen on high-traffic sites and include a hyperlink back to the advertiser’s own site. They are charged based on the number of ads exposed. For example, banner ads can be retailed in lots of 250,000 impressions each.

•Sponsorship ads – these ads are typically bigger than banner ads, which may now and then include a substantial quantity of text content. These are usually situated on high-traffic locations such as ezines or online newsletters. It is priced based on the number of readers of the publication or newsletter where the ad is placed.

•Pay per click (PPC) ads – they are ads that are priced based on the number of clicks generated by the site’s visitors. These are commonly text ads, although there are PPC ads that are pictorial-based.

Initiating your own online advertising business is another chance of making more money on the internet marketing business.